Put Your Finances at the Forefront of Technology

Put Your Finances at the Forefront of Technology

Cloud-based accounting services based out of Louisville, KY

As more business owners take their financial applications mobile, cloud-based accounting services are quickly starting to overtake desktop accounting. A cloud-based accounting application gives you greater security, better collaboration and real-time financial insights.

Because Asamoa & Associates, CPA stays updated on the latest industry advances, we began moving a majority of our clients to cloud-based services using QuickBooks Online in 2013.

We support multiple applications, including:

QuickBooks Online
Wave Accounting

Our accountants in Louisville are committed to helping you make the transition to cloud-based accounting. We’ll provide in-depth knowledge to put your fears to rest and guide you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment with Asamoa & Associates, CPA right now.

We understand putting your accounting services on a cloud-based application can be scary. That’s why we work hard give you confidence in the safety and security of our systems. We’ve held training classes for QuickBooks Online for groups of business owners, executives, nonprofit organizations and accounting students.

Trust your accounting needs to the detail-oriented professionals at Asamoa & Associates, CPA based in Louisville, KY. Call our office for a consultation as soon as possible.